Add media comment

Add media comment


Add a media comment to a media item - upload a video, image or sound file in response to a media item. Text commenting with a media attachment is also supported - message param must be specified for this. Comments can be added to a channel, specified by the channel param. Tags can be added to the comment with tag param.

Requires a form token

Requires a session token - the user must be logged in

Supports redirectUrl param of fm:Form component

All optional params can be set as required.


<fm:Form action="/action/v2/addmediacomment" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" > <input type="hidden" name="parentId" value="555888" /> <fm:Form_Custom><input type="file" name="mediafile" /></fm:Form_Custom> <fm:Form_Custom><button type="submit">Submit comment</button></fm:Form_Custom> </fm:Form>

Supported params

  • parentId (required)
  • mediafile (required)
  • title
  • channel
  • tags
Name Required Description
parentId Required Id of the media being commented on. Must be a valid id in the project in Newzulu Platform.
mediafile Required Media file to upload as a comment, Refer to the list of supported file types to get more info.
message Comment body - text, limited to 65000 chars.
channel Id of the channel to place the comment into. Must be numeric and be a valid channel id in the project in Newzulu Platform
tags Tags for the comment. String of comma separated tags, limited to 255 chars
title Title of the comment. String, limited to 80 chars

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