Update group

Update group


Updates a user group.

Requires a form token

Requires a session token - the user must be logged in and must be the creator of the group being updated

Supports redirectUrl param of fm:Form component

All optional params can be set to required.


<fm:Form action="/action/v2/updategroup" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" > <fm:Form_TextInput name="name" /> <fm:Form_TextArea name="description"></fm:Form_TextArea> <fm:Form_TextInput name="url" /> <fm:Form_TextInput name="note" /> <fm:Form_TextInput name="address" /> <fm:Form_TextInput name="city" /> <fm:Form_State name="state" /> <fm:Form_TextInput name="country" /> <fm:PostalCode name="postalcode"/> <fm:Form_TextInput name="other[registrationStart]"/> <fm:Form_TextInput name="other[registrationEnd]"/> <fm:Form_FileInput name="logo" /> <input type="hidden" name="logoChannel" value="12" /> <button type="submit">Update group</button> </fm:Form>

Supported params

Name Required Description
name Required Name of the group. String up to to 255 chars
description Description of the group. Text, limited to 65000 chars
logo Logo for the created group. Must be an image file. Refer to the list of supported image file types
logoChannel Channel ID to add the logo to if a logo is present.
url Website for the group. Must be a valid url, up to 80 chars.
host Host of the group. String up to 80 chars
note Additional note. Text, limited to 65000 chars
address Address of the group. String up to 80 chars
city City of the group. String up to 80 chars
state State/Province of the group. State/Province code - 2 chars
country Country of the group. Country code - 2 chars
postalcode Postal code/zip code of the group. String up to 10 chars
geo_latitude Latitude related to the group.
geo_longitude Longitude related to the group.
parentGroup ID of the group that is the group's parent..
other Extra data that doesn't fit within the more specific fields. This should be structured as in the example.