The CollectionInfo component provides data about a collection in your application.

Example 1:

The following example shows the id, name, email and description of the collection.

<fm:CollectionInfo> <li> ID: {$$}, name: {$$}, description: {$$collection.description}</li> </fm:CollectionInfo>

Supported Attributes

idRequiredThe id of the collection.

Template Variables

collection.idThe collection ID.
collection.vhostThe vhost ID that the collection belongs to.
collection.typeThis determines whether the collection is a saved search collection or a manual collection. Saved search is represented by 1 and manual collection by 2.
collection.nameThe name of the collection. This is used for recognition of the channel.
collection.descriptionAn overview of the media content that is in the collection.
collection.createdThe date the collection was created in our system
collection.thumbnailA thumb url of an image to represent the collection.
collection.channelThe channel that is used as a filter if the collection type is a saved search.
collection.titleAdditional text field for sub-title.
collection.addtopWhen this is set the channel will be added to the top of the channel list..
collection.autoactiveThis sets the collection that it will be set as published as its default state..
collection.uidID of the parent channel of this channel. If the given channel does not have a parent - 0 is returned
collection.publishdateCan be used to control collection visility via the API or template system.
collection.eventdateAdditional date field, can be used to specify a date of a collection occurance.
collection.geo_latitudeLatitude of a collection.
collection.geo_longitudeLongitude of a collection.
collection.moderationstatusModeration Status of a collection

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