This component will return thumbnail and video/full size media that you can then use within the template. Currently only YouTube is supported.


<fm:ExternalContent id="s822348js" secure="1" source="youtube" > </fm:ExternalContent>

An ID or URL is required.

Supported attributes

externalidOptionalThe externalid of the media, if not supplied id, or url must be provided.
heightOptionalThe desired height of the embed code.
idOptionalThe id of the external media, if not supplied an externalid or url must be provided.
secureOptionalEnable HTTPS URLs.
sourceRequiredThe source of the external content, currently 'youtube' is the only supported option.
urlOptionalThe URL to the piece of external media, if not supplied an id or externalid must be provided.
widthOptionalThe desired width of the embed code.

Template variables

ec_thumbnail_largeThe URL to a large thumbnail if available.
ec_thumbnail_smallThe URL to a small thumbnail if available
ec_embedThis contains the embed code to display media