The fm:Gravatar creates a gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) for either a user-id or email address.


<fm:Gravatar email="" />

Supported attributes

defaultOptionalThe url to a default image, if the user did not have a gravatar. Alternatively you could try "identicon" or "monster".
emailOptionalSpecify an email address to generate the gravatar for. Either this or uid is required.
sizeOptional100The width and height of the generated gravatar.
uidOptionalSpecify a user id to generate the gravatar for. Either this or email is required.

Either uid or email MUST be specified for this to work.

See also

More examples

This example grabs the gravatar for user 12345, which will be displayed as a 40x40px image. If the image couldn't be found we show the 'identicon' version instead.

<fm:Gravatar uid="12345" size="40" default="identicon" />