The fm:IfAfter component can be used to make a page "behave" differently depending on a day's date (and/or time).

It will check if the current date (or the date supplied in the "compareTo" attribute) is after the date supplied in the "date" attribute. If this is the case, code directly underneath it will be executed, if not, the code in the (optional) fm:Else component will be executed.


<fm:IfAfter date="2009-01-01" > This will only be displayed after Jan 1st, 2009 <fm:Else> This will only be displayed on dates prior to Jan. 1st 2009 </fm:Else> </fm:IfAfter>

Supported attributes

compareToOptionalnowThe date we are comparing to. If this is not specified the current date and time will be used.
dateRequiredN/AThe date (and time) that should be checked.

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