The fm:IfFacebookLiked component can be used to determine whether the user has pressed the Facebook "like" button for a Facebook Iframe applciation..

This would typically be used on a Facebook application's tab page to show content to only your fans.


<fm:IfFacebookLiked> <h2>You liked this application so you get exclusive access to this content!</h2> <fm:MediaList fileTypes="1"> <fm:Loop> <ul> <img src="{$$media_publicUrl}/15" /></li> </ul> </fm:Loop> <fm:NoResults> No media is available yet </fm:NoResults> </fm:MediaList> <fm:Else> <h2>You have not liked this application yet. Press "like" to get access to exclusive content!</h2> </fm:Else> </fm:IfFacebookLiked>

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