The fm:IfUserHasUploaded component allows you to check whether or not a user has uploaded in the current vhost.


<fm:IfUserHasUploaded > You have already uploaded a file <fm:Else> Upload now! </fm:Else> </fm:IfUserHasUploaded>

Supported attributes

channelOptionalN/AChannel Filter - If user has hit this amount of uploads in this channel
numberOptional1If you want to check if a user has uploaded x amount of times since a certain timeframe, you can use this attribute to specify the number
sinceOptionalN/AThis attribute allows you to just check if a user has uploaded within a certain timeframe. This attribute supports dates like YYYY-MM-DD, but also words like 'midnight'
uidOptionalN/AThe user-id to check. By default this will be the currently logged in user

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More examples

<fm:IfUserHasUploaded number="2" since="midnight" > You can only upload 2 files per day <fm:Else> Upload now! </fm:Else> </fm:IfUserHasUploaded>