A pager component displays, well, a pager.. This is more or less its output

1 2 3 4 ... 9 10 **11** 12 13 ... 86 87 88 89


<fm:Pager currentPage="{$$}" totalPages="{$totalPages}" />

Supported attributes

currentPageRequiredN/AThe current page
disabledNextTemplateOptional&lt;, only used when numPages is set
disabledPreviousTemplateOptional&gt;, only used when numPages is set
limitAfterLastSeparatorOptional3Number of links after the second separator
limitBeforeFirstSeparatorOptional4Number of links before the first separator
limitBetweenSeparatorsOptional6Number of links between the first and the second separator
linkTemplateOptional<a href="?page=%page">%pageplus1</a>Template for page number link
nextTemplateOptional<a href="?page=%page">&lt;</a>Template for the Next button
numPagesOptionalN/ADisables separators, limits maximum number of pages displayed
previousTemplateOptional<a href="?page=%page">&gt;</a>Template for the Previous button
selectedTemplateOptional<a href="?page=%page">&gt;</a>Template for the page currently selected
separatorTemplateOptional...Separator between the first pages links and the last pages links
totalPagesOptionalN/AThe number of pages

Template variables

This component defines no template variables.