This component will draw an swf viewer. This component should not contain childnodes.


<fm:Swf src="{$STATIC_ASSETS_PATH}/file.swf" width="400" height="300" drawMode="compatible" />

Supported attributes

classOptionalN/AEmbed class attribute
drawModeOptionalN/ASet the embed drawing mode.
"compatible" - if you want to display the html for embedding the movie on external sites,
"strict" for valid XHTML,
or leave out if you want to utilize the Javascript Embed method
flashVarsOptional"nothing=nothing"flashVars passed to swf
heightOptional360The height of the player in pixels
idOptionalN/AEmbed id attribute
srcRequiredN/AURL of the file being embedded
styleOptionalN/AEmbed style attribute
widthOptional480The width of the player in pixels

Template variables

This component defines no template variables.