This component draws a tagcloud. The tags displayed are generaly supplied by users at upload-time. Usually this component is used to display tags from across your application, for example on a gallery or a (community) homepage, but can also be filtered (for example to only display a specific user or channel's tags).

NOTE: This component is written as a self-closing xml tag.


<fm:TagCloud />

Supported attributes

baseLinkOptional/media?q=Use this as the start of a link for every tag. The tag will be appended to this string
channelOptionalN/AOnly show tags from this channel (must use channel id)
colorizeOptional1Show different colors based on number of hits
disableDivOptional0Remove tagCloud containing div
divClassOptionalWrap link in div with specified classes, if blank links will not be wrapped by div
endColorOptionalN/AHexadecimal color value (ie, #0000FF). If colorize is 1, use this as the color for the most hits
fileTypesOptionalN/Aspecify here if you want to filter on specific file types. 1 for images, 2 for video, 3 for audio, 4 for text. If you want multiple files, separate them with comma's
limitOptionalN/Alimits the number of tags to be displayed
linkClassOptionalCSS class to apply to links
maxFontOptionalN/Athe maximum font size that will ever be displayed (pt) (i.e. maxFont="32")
minFontOptionalN/Athe minimum font size that will ever be displayed (pt).
moderationStatusOptionalNoneOnly show tags from files that are moderated
noTagsOptionalN/AEnter a message in this attribute to be displayed when there were no tags in the project.
showTopicsOptionalN/ASet this to '0' if you don't want to display tags starting with '#'. This can be useful if you want to reserve certain words for 'exclusive filtering'
sizerizeOptional1Change fontsize of tag based on number of occurrences
startColorOptionalNoneHexadecimal color value (ie, #FF0000). If colorize is 1, use this as the color for the least number of hits
targetOptionalN/Aadds a target attribute (i.e. / target="_parent" or target="_blank"
timeLimitOptionalN/Aonly show tags from media uploaded in the last x seconds, maximum is 30 years in seconds (946080000)
uidOptionalN/AOnly show tags from this user (id)

Optional notes about the supported attributes.

Template variables

This component defines no template variables.

This component does not output variables, just plain html

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More examples

<fm:TagCloud baseLink="/media?q=" limit="25" colorize="1" startColor="#999999" endColor="#303030" showTopics="0" sizerize="0" /> <!-- a nice grayscale tag cloud with one font-size--> <fm:TagCloud baseLink="/media?q=" limit="10" showTopics="0" sizerize="1" /> <!-- a nice tag cloud with one large fonts for popular tags, small fonts for less popular tags-->