The fm:VideoPlayer component allows you to insert Newzulu's video player into your applications conveniently with a single line of code.


<fm:VideoPlayer mid="12345"/>

Supported attributes

classOptionalN/AThe HTML class attribute.
externalModeOptionalN/AWhen set to 1 externalMode will display HTML that can be used to embed the player in external sites. This includes resolving relative urls to absolute ones and includes any required security parameters.
heightOptional360The height of the video player.
idOptionalN/AThe HTML id attribute.
midRequiredN/AA unique identifier for the video to be displayed in the player
styleOptionalN/AThe HTML style attribute.
widOptionalN/AA unique identifier used to override the default settings of the video player with cutom defined settings from within the widget publisher.
widthOptional480The width of the video player.

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More examples

<fm:VideoPlayer mid="12345" width="400" height="300" autoPlay="1" />