MMCUploader component allows embedding the Flash multimedia commenting application on the page. The user must be logged in for this to render correctly.


<fm:MMCUploader vhost="100" parentid="555888" />

Supported attributes

channelOptionalN/AChannel to upload the comment to. If no channel is specified uploads will appear at the vhost level.
parentidRequiredN/AMedia id of the item being commented on
recordingLengthOptional60Maximum length of the recording in seconds.
startTabOptional0The tab that will be displayed when the application loads (0 for text, 1 for webcam.)
stylesheetOptionalN/AThe URL to Flash style sheet. The style sheet needs to be compiled into a SWF file.
uploadCompleteTextOptionalThanks for submittingHTML formatted string displayed after a comment is submitted

Template variables

This component defines no template variables.