The fm:Mp3 component either renders an MP3 player on the page or provides the HTML for a user to copy into their own site to embed an MP3 player.


<!-- This will render an MP3 player for media ID 101 that will wait for the user to start playing --> <fm:Mp3 mid="101" />

Supported attributes

autoPlayOptional0Whether to start playing the media immediately; "0" is no autoplay, "1" is autoplay.
classOptionalnoneCSS class to assign to the player.
externalModeOptional0When set to "0" the player will be rendered in the browser, when set to "1" the HTML for the player will be displayed for a user to copy and embed in their own site.
heightOptional20Height in pixels of the player.
idOptionalnoneHTML ID to assign to the player.
midRequiredN/AThe media ID of the file to play.
styleOptionalnoneHTML style attribute to assign to the player.
widthOptional320Width in pixels of the player.

Template variables

This component defines no template variables.

More examples

<!-- This shows how to provide HTML a user may copy to embed the MP3 player in their own site, along with shrinking the player to half its default width --> <fm:Mp3 mid="101" width="160" externalMode="1" />