Media Detail Module

The Media Detail Module sets variables for the application templates that have Media Detail set as their Page type in the application template detail page.

Assigning The Media Detail Module to Templates

In order for a template to have access to the variables set in this module, the module must be assigned to the template.

To select the Media Detail Module to be accessed by a template, in Newzulu Platform, go to the Application Media Detail page for that template, and
select Media Detail in the Page type field. Save the change to the template.

Supported Attributes

media_title (String) The title of the displayed media
media_message (String) The text message for the media
media_date (Date Time) The date and time that the media was taken
media_hits (Integer) The number of times that the media has been viewed
media_rating (Integer) The average rating of the media
media_id (Integer) The id of the media
mid (Integer) The id of the media
media_filetype (Integer) The filetype of the media. Can be 1, 2, 3 or 4.     ( 1 - image, 2 - video, 3 - audio, 4 - text )
media_votecount (Integer) The number of votes for the media
media_commentcount (Integer) The number of comments for the media
media_moderationstatus (Integer) The moderationstatus of the media. Can be 0, 1, or 2.     ( 0 - all unmoderated media;   1 - only approved media;   2 - only denied media )


For examples of how to use the variables set in the modules, please see the Application Templates

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