User Profile Module

The User Profile Module sets user-related variables for the application templates that have User Profile set as their Page type in the application template detail page.
The information displayed in these templates is the data for the user whose id is provided in the url in the Profile page.

Assigning The User Profile Module to a Template

In order for a template to have access to the variables set in this module, the module must be assigned to the template.

To select the User Profile Module to be accessed by a template, in Newzulu Platform, go to the Application Media Detail page for that template, and
select User Profile in the Page type field.

Customizing Meta Data

A user's Meta Data is displayed in the user profile page.
You can customize supported attributes by creating custom fields in the user profile form. This is done by adding meta data fields in the user profile.
To access meta data form fields, set the 'name' attribute of the form field to 'meta[varname]'.
To access the meta data variables in the <fm:UserList> component, use the variable {$$user_metadata.user.varname}

Supported Attributes

user_id (Integer) The id of the user
user_user (String) The username of the user
user_email (String) The user's email address
user_firstname (String) The user's first name
user_lastname (String) The user's last name
user_city (String) The city that the user lives
user_gender (String) The user's gender
user_birthdate (String) The user's date of birth
user_cellphone (String) The user's cell phone #
user_phone (String) The user's phone #
user_website (String) The user's website address
user_occupation (String) The user's occupation
user_address1 (String) The user's address - part 1
user_address2 (String) The user's address - part 2
user_postalcode (String) The user's postal code
user_state (String) The user's state
user_language (String) The user's preferred langauge of communication
user_country (String) The country that the user resides in
user_description (String) The description of the user
user_avatar (Integer) The id of the user's external avatar
user_created (Date/Time) The date and time that the user's account was created
user_lastlogin (Date/Time) The date and time of the user's last seesion (loggin)
user_active Boolean (1 or 0.) Determines whether the user's account is active (1) or not (0)
user_disabled Boolean (1 or 0.) Determines whether the user's account is disabled (1) or not (0)
user_nickname (String) The user's nickname
user_attempts (Integer) The number of last consecutive unsuccessful login attempts for the user.
user_publicfiles (Integer) The number of public files that the user has uploaded.
user_unmoderatedfiles (Integer) The number of unmoderated files that the user has uploaded.
user_approvedfiles (Integer) The number of approved files that the user has uploaded.
user_deniedfiles (Integer) The number of denied files that the user has uploaded.
user_friends (Integer) The number of user's confirmed friends.
user_friends_notconfirmed (Integer) The number of user's unconfirmed friends.
user_geo_latitude (Floating point) The user's geographical latitude
user_geo_longitude (Floating point) The user's geographical longitude
user_vhost (Integer) The id of the user's project's vhost
user_meta (Array) Meta data is an array of customizable variables, which are stored and updated in the metadata section of the user's profile. Its variables can be displayed in the templates using the <fm:UserInfo > and <fm:UserList > components.
Please view the Customizing Meta Data section below to see how meta data can be customized.

Sample user_metadata variables for the templates are:
  • {$$user_metadata.lang} - the user's metadata language
  • {$$user_metadata.twitterUserName} - the user's metadata twitter username
  • {$$user_metadata.rules} - the user's metadata rules
user_profile_complete - Boolean (true or false.) States whether the user's profile has been completed (1) or not (0)


For examples of how to use the variables set in the modules, please see the Application Templates

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