The template engine

The template engine consists of the following sections:

  • Application templates are responsible for generating the html for a single page. You will find pages such as 'home' and 'registration'.
  • Wrapper templates, which is basically your header and footer. You can create different wrapper templates for different looking pages.
  • CSS stylesheets contain, not completely surprisingly, your css stylesheets.
  • Email templates contain welcome emails, moderator emails, tell a friend emails, etc.

These are the base components and concepts you will use to build your next application:

  • Components allow you to generate views for data in the system.
  • Variables contain single values with dynamic data.
  • Actions respond to form submissions, to add or change data.

It's a good idea to get accustomed with all these concepts. Often it these will be easy to pick up as you're working on your site, but to create a well-structured and maintainable application it's better to understand exactly how and why they work.