Components work within Newzulu's wrapper & application templates, allowing non-coders to easily perform a wide variety of functions. Access dynamic information from your Newzulu Platform account, set variables and perform common functions such as date, arrays or text formatting.

Commonly used functions:

  • fm:If
  • fm:Switch
  • fm:GroupList
  • fm:MediaList
  • fm:Loop
  • fm:Include

Important note:

Components inherit cascading attributes. If you have a component within another component, you may experience unexpected results because of this. For example, if you use a MediaList within a GroupList that you have filtered by a user's id (eg: uid="21684"), the MediaList will also be filtered by that user id. To reset that you must clear the uid of the MediaList (eg: uid=""). This can happen with any attribute, including channels, collections, pageSize and startPage.

For a full list of components and how to use them, please refer to our Components reference.

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